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The attorneys of Insight Law Partners have made a business of solving the real estate problems of real estate owners, professionals and business owners.

The following are just a few examples in which our lawyers found a creative solution to a client’s real estate problem – often saving the client money, time and hassle in the process:

  • Millions recovered in landslide litigation. In a recent case, we represented more than half a dozen business owners who saw their buildings damaged when millions of pounds of rocks rained down in the night on San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill below the iconic Coit Tower. That case reached a multimillion-dollar settlement.
  • Simple solution solves retaining wall dispute with city. A nearby municipality sent notification that one of our clients had a wall that was taller than allowed by code. After investigating with engineers, our attorneys advised the client to push six feet of dirt against the wall to “shorten” it. Doing this saved the wall and solved the client’s problem at minimal expense.
  • Easement agreement enables well water access. As any Californian knows, the Earth shifts frequently. During one of these shifts, one of our clients lost access to a vital underground water source. As a result, the client needed to drill a new well that would encroach on a neighboring property. Our lawyers brokered an agreement that enabled our client to obtain an easement from the adjacent property owner.

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