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Effective Intellectual Property Rights Litigators

For many individuals, artisans, entrepreneurs and businesses, intellectual property interests are critical assets. Our firm is designed to pursue and resolve business and commercial disputes effectively and efficiently. At Insight Law Partners LLP in Folsom, California, we have over 30 years of combined experience as trial lawyers. Our firm takes a solutions-based approach to protecting intellectual property rights. We know that our clients are interested in results.

We effectively handle a wide variety of complex IP disputes, including:

  • Copyright disputes: In today’s high-tech world, copyright infringement problems can arise quickly. We vigorously represent clients in all manner of copyright litigation, including copyright licensing litigation. Our attorneys do everything in our power to find the remedies and creative solutions to serve the best interests of our clients. That may mean negotiating a settlement, or fiercely litigating the dispute in court.
  • Trademark problems: Your company’s image and brand are valuable assets. We help clients explore every avenue to resolve infringement, dilution, false advertising and licensing agreement problems. From drafting an effective cease and desist letter to negotiating a favorable settlement to rigorous advocacy in trial to prosecute or defend infringement claims, we do what is necessary to protect the rights of our clients.
  • Trade secrets: Nondisclosure is paramount in protecting trade secrets. A company’s proprietary information is frequently its most important asset. We vigorously prosecute and defend trade secret disputes. Our trial lawyers are highly skilled in resolving contract matters and misappropriation of trade secret disputes.

Proactive Intellectual Property Counsel For Businesses

We also provide proactive advice to protect our business clients from the risk of intellectual property litigation. New business owners benefit from our knowledge of trademark, copyright and trade secret matters in forming the business. We can review the business as a whole, and provide guidance in intellectual property matters for a new company.

Established businesses that have entered into intellectual property licensing agreements need to know the scope of the license to avoid violating the license. We also review confidentiality contracts and other documents to help our clients protect intellectual property rights. We guard the interests of our clients through effective legal counsel.

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